Sunday, February 18, 2007

New Bike and Old Bike

Three years ago I decided to be a kid and buy a bike. The problem is that the last time I was on a bike was when I was a kid. So, it was off to the local bike shop in Santa Fe, Rob and Charlie's. I bought a nice comfort bike by Raleigh Bikes. It is a 2004 SC 40. It is very comfortable, has a zillion speeds, takes the road and trails nicely. I really enjoy this bike and know that I can complete a Triathlon easily on it. But I am interested in going a bit faster, taking bigger hills (there are no lack of hills in Northern New Mexico!), and maybe entering in longer endurance bike rides (like the Santa Fe Century). In many ways I regretted this bike. I decided that I really wanted a road bike. I do not want to blow several thousands of dollars on a bike. I knew my price range and what I was willing to settle for.
So, yesterday I went back to Rob and Charlie's and looked around. I ended up coming back to Raleigh bikes, in this case a Grand Prix. This bike is pretty high tech compared to what I am riding now. It is no kick ass all out racing bike but it will do as need. I am not used to the shifters in the brake handles. The ram bars are taking a little getting used to. I am not as stable on this bike as I am on the comfort but I am getting there. I added a few tools and a computer (you know I am a nerd, right?), and I am ready to go.

Finally, after lunch I was able to get on and ride. Clara rode her Schwinn and we looped around White Rock for seven miles. Then she was off and I went for another 13. Twenty Miles Total! I was thrilled. I know that one can sign up for shorter routes in the Santa Fe Century including 25 and 50 miles. I easily hit 20 today so doing 25 is a no brainer and a 50 is doable (one goal at a time...I am not mentally ready for 100 miles...give me a month or two!).

So far I love the new bike. Will take some time getting used to but, hey, one can say that about all of life!

Tomorrow, I must run. Run Dale Run. G-d, I hate running...

But I love being fit so run I do.

Until later, Love and Sweat,

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