Thursday, February 22, 2007

Running and Swimming Yesterday

I tried something new. I have an Ace knee brace. I placed it high on my thigh to try to stabilize my IBT band. It worked for a while. The brace was slightly to big so it kept slipping down. Also, it just was not shaped to go that high up. But it did a pretty good imitation of a Pratt Strap. It helped a bit and I was still in pain 10 minutes into the run but I was able to go much further. When I was done (I ran over lunch) I iced up my thigh. I also rolled my IBT band with a co-worker's can of soup. Hey, use what you got!

I swam for about 1 1/2 hours with all sorts of drills. Lessons took me for a loop. I appear to be doing everything wrong. It is a wonder I do not sink to the bottom of the pool like sea weed. Actually, I understand all of the components that I need to do. It feels very awkward but it will take practice. Actually, I am enjoying the swimming. I just need more time.

Linda and the girls were at the pool as well. They had fun time. It was good getting them some exercise.

I am having a bear of a time with goggles and my masks leaking, especially on the right side. My eyes (I can hear a friend of mine laughing already! But this has always been a problem with me) are a little closely set. It is worse than annoying. I will keep trying to fix this problem.

Got my bike rack for the truck. I am bringing my bike with me to work and will try to bike over lunch.

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