Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hypoglycemia amd Training

The feed zone - Nutrition Q&A with Monique Ryan - Exercise hypoglycemia

Pretty good article about eating before a workout.
I will follow her advice!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Maintaining Blood Sugar

So far so good. Have been eating more protein like I should. AFter swimming my sugar was 88.

Rested today (Wed). Will either bike or swim tomorrow.

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Swam Tuesday

I warmed up with some easy laps. Did some kicking on a kick board (my new mantra is KICK FROM THE HIPS KICK FROM THE HIPS)

Then pyramids.
1 lap (50m)
2 lap
3 lap
3 1/2 lap (I had to stop half way to yell at my kids)
3 lap
2 lap
1 lap

stretch in HOT therapy pool.

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Monday, March 12, 2007

A donation letter from my cousin...

With a generous check for $118 (18 is a lucky number in Judiasm as the numbers spell out Chai or Life)

See Dale.
See Dale run.
Run Dale run.

See Linda.
Linda sees Dale.
Linda sees Dale run.

Dale is running.
Dale is running fast.
Run fast Dale.

See Linda.
See Linda laugh.
Linda laughs at Dale.

Linda is laughing.
Linda is laughing hard.
Why Linda why?

See Linda?
Linda tripped Dale.
Mean Linda mean.

See Dale.
Dee Dale fall.
Dale falls hard.

See Linda.
Linda stopped laughing.
Linda stopped laughing fast.

See Dale.
See Dale laugh.
See Dale laugh at Linda.

See, when Dale ran
And Linda tripped Dale
Dale fell on Linda....

Ouch Linda ouch.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

45 Miles on the Bike

The hell with anemia, vertigo, hypoglycemia, global warming, jihaadist terrorists, etc!! I am riding!

45 miles today from Santa Fe to Galisteo and back. When I was through my sugar was 88. I know to keep an eye on it. Did pretty well, no falls and the hills are getting better. Raising the saddle just a little bit made a big difference and "dragging my heels" helps. In other words, keeping my heels pointing down and not my toes allows me to "lift" the pedal using my hamstrings. This makes hills easier.

Of course, the word "easier" is relative...

I am not allowed to run for another week so I will walk tomorrow. I plan on going to ABQ on Tuesday to swim (I can hear my wife biatching about it now!) but I got to get swims in. And bricks.


I napped a little with the Conure nestled under my chin in the recliner and then rode a few miles on the comfort bike with Clara.

Life is good.

Love and Sweat,

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