Saturday, March 10, 2007

Well this just sucks...Feinting and sugar

My wife is convinced this Tri is going to kill me...

After my bouts with vertigo last week, I went in for a check up with my doctor on Thursday. I felt fine. Really good as a matter of fact. He gave me a clean bill of health, told me he might see me in Durango (he runs Triathlons as well), put me on a routine maintenance of Procrit and sent me on my way.

Fine and Dandy...

Right before lunch I was hit by an overwhelming amount of stupidity and bureaucracy at work. It pushed me up a bit. I calmed down, changed clothes, and went out for a run. I got about one block.


I felt suddenly weak. I was confused. I walked a few blocks and decided to turn around and head back to work. It took me a reeaalll llooonnnggg tiiiiimmmmee. I had to sit a few times. I finally got back, went upstairs and ate (salad with tuna). I didn't even change back into my work clothes.

I do not really remember too much after that...

I called home and told Linda I was coming home. The next thing I knew my boss had come by to see me and was checking on me (I think the world of my boss. She is great unlike many of the other losers that I have had as leaders). She told me that I was going home. That made me happy because I wanted to go home.

She told me that my wife, Linda, called her.
I told her that I had a wife named Linda. She was home.

My boss looked worried. (at the time) beat the hell out of me why. My wife's name has always been Linda!

Someone came and sat with me. They talked about IT policies and Catholic Nuns. There had to be a connection somewhere. This gal sounded like the adults on a Charlie Brown Christmas. Whaa Whaa whaa...

Someone told me my wife was there. Great. Her name is Linda. Can someone tell her I want to go home?

Uh, Dale, she is here to take you home.
Great. My wife is named Linda. Please call her and tell her I am going home.
No, Dale, she is here.
Who is here?
Your wife is here to take you home.
I have a wife. Her name is Linda. Please excuse me while I call her and tell her I am going home.

Worse than Abbott and Costello.

Got home. Did some other strange things. I do not actually remember most of this, just what others have told me. Two guys helped me down to the van where my wife (hey, that's my wife Linda. What are you doing here? Can I go home?) was waiting.

This has happened a few times in the past. Scares the hell out of everyone....but me. I am in Laa-Laa land.

Took some meclazine, zyrtec, and valium and SLEPT.

The next morning went back to the doctor (nurse practitioner. I really like her). She was baffled. Linda (my wife) get harping on how I was fatigued. I was tired but I did not feel fatigued. I was getting almost enough sleep. I needed a few more hours that week but I am not too far off.

A few discussions later and they decide to check my blood sugar. Now, I am really against this. I am going nuts NOT to be diabetic. The though of using a monitor pisses me off.

I lose. I get to use a monitor several times a day.

Turns out I am not diabetic.

I am hypoglycemic. My blood sugar registered at 58, way below normal. A formal blood test taken 30 minutes later (after they forced a REGULAR high-fructose laden COKE (I try to avoid regular soda like the plague!!!)) came in at 44.

44 means they admit you and inject glucose into your body.

Luckily for me we had already left the hospital and were heading for Santa Fe to pick up my bike from its tune up. Hell, my priorities are in order!

Actually, I did check in and my sugar levels were going back up and were 109 when I called in.

So, here is the deal.

  • I must eat protein for breakfast
  • I must test before I exercise
    • If my blood sugar is below 90 I must snack
    • If it is really below 90 I do not exercise (damn!)
  • I must test after I exercise
    • It my blood sugar is below 90 I must eat
    • It is is really below 90 I chomp on some glucose pills
  • I am allowed to do the Tri
Hey, life could be worse. I just have to watch what I do.

Love and sweat,
and a regular coke (sigh....)


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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Old is the new New

I am sick of Clara getting damned goat heads in her Schwinn bike tires. I ordered some thorn-proof tubes by Forte through Performance Bike, bought her Mountain Bike tires in the local Los Alamos bike shop and went to change her tires over lunch.

No tire irons...

And the (small) bike shop had none. He was waiting on his spring shipment.

So I lost a workout today. When I got home I did change out Clara's tires as well as the ones on my comfort hybrid bike. That should help.

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Some days just go on forever...Tuesday's Events

Long day...

I did some light weight lifting at lunch:

  • Squats 12/3/135
  • One Arm Rows 12/3/45
  • Shoulder Dumb Bell Presses 12/3/50
  • Front Shoulder Raises 12/2/12
  • Side Shoulder Raises 12/2/10
  • Rear Shoulder Raises 12/2/12
  • Leg Curls 12/3/200
  • Incline Bench Press 12/3/95
  • Leg Extensions 12/3/90
You may have noticed a lot of shoulders here. Preparing for more swimming.

After work, I took the new bike to the shop for a tune up. Free in the first month. I have to go back to Santa Fe to get it back.

From there on to Albuquerque. I warmed up in the pool at 8 and we started at 9 for Tri Team swimming. I was slow but not altogether bad. I am bending me knees (creating drag), not breathing enough for a Tri (I was told that I was breathing for more of a sprint type race. A breath every three strokes alternating between left and right). For the longer 500m Tri with more aerobic activity after the swim, I need to breathe more. It was suggested that breathe on every right-hand stroke. This worked okay but I started to hyperventilate.

Oh, and I drag my left hand through the water on the upstroke creating drag.

What a drag. But practice makes perfect. We pyramid trained (50m rest 100m rest 200m rest 300m rest 200m rest 100m rest 50m). This killed me. By now it was 10pm and I was up since 5:30am and still had a hundred mile drive home.

I know, WHINER!

All in all a good but long day.

Love and sweat,

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Monday, March 5, 2007

Ran a few miles at lunch

The Pratt Straps (and having a week off) helped. I was able to run about 2 or 2 1/2 miles at lunch. My knees hurt a little tonight but I will live. I am convinced it is ITB syndrome.

Tomorrow is weight training and hopefully going to Albuquerque to swim with the TNT Tri Team. At 9pm. Puts me home around midnight. Yawn...

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Great Bike Ride...35 miles

I had a great bike ride on first time to work out since Vertigo kicked my ass. I rode with the Santa Fe Team in Training Bike Team. Most of them are training for America's Most Beautiful Bike ride around Lake Tahoe. This looks likes a great event and I am tempted to sign up for it next year.

But, for this weekend we rode from Santa Fe to the train station in a little town called Lamy. Round trip was 35 miles. The road back was fairly uphill and the workout was great. I felt strong afterwards and am ready to start training for a Century after the Tri the Rim.

I did fall twice because of the new clipless pedals. I came to a stop and unhooked my right pedal. In doing so I shifted my weight to the left. Over I went. WHAM! Nothing I could do. I got back on, took a turn in the gravel and tried to clip back in. WHAM AGAIN! Only 3 feet later. There was a guy on a motorcycle behind me who just chuckled and shook his head. I knew he felt I was a dork and he was right :)

The problem I had with the clips was not was clipping in. I will remove some screws from the bottom of the show and maybe put in some shims. Once I was in the clipless pedals did make a difference. I had more power, especially on the "up stroke."

Nothing hurt but my pride.

Next week we take the same route but add another 10 miles for 45 total. Bring it on!

I had no food before the ride. I did have a cup of tea and a Cliff Energy Gel. That helped. I cannot exercise on much food but I know I need calories to go. Will figure out a balance.

Oh, I also wore my Pratt Straps for my IT Band. It seemed to help (see next post).

Keep on biking!

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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Being humbled by the fund raising

Results are starting to come in. I am over the $400 mark, and I did skip work for a week. I know people are waiting for me to return to give me money. The Tri will be fun but I firmly wish to give to this cause. Anemia aside, my health is good. I m blessed in many ways. I need to return.

I am keeping the sheets that people are sending me with their checks. Some are humbling. Some people are writing snippets about the people they have lost to cancer or that are fighting this battle. People I never expected to give have sent in amounts that shocked me.

A few years ago after the devastating Boxer Day Tsunami, a lot of the world criticized the USA for not giving enough. After the waters receded and numbers were tallied, the amounts Americans gave were staggering. No other industrialized country gave as much per capita as the USA. Katrina was next and again pockets were opened up freely. It hate the amount we are criticized. Yes, us Americans can be loud. But we give and give more.

While I am glad that I should easily reach my goal, at the same time it is quite humbling to see the generosity my colleagues have shown.

With Love and Sweat,

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Time to get back on the bike...

My vertigo is basically passed. I am still a little weak but a good shot of Procrit helped. My nurse practitioner reminded me that the allergy medicine Zyrtec can be used to help treat vertigo.

I have done no workouts since Monday's spinning in the pool escapade. But I did let my mouse work for me.

Triathlons can bring on sudden bought of spend-too-much-money-itus. Guilty. I bought a boatload of stuff from Performance Bike Online, an excellent bike resource. Mainly "clipless pedals and bike shoes. I opted for the Crank Brothers "Candy" cranks. They have high ratings, are preferred by many over the normal SD-style cleats, and are easy to maintain. They were also reasonably priced. The Candys are dual purpose and would work on Mountain or Road bikes. I also got a pair of clickity-click Pearl Izumi Vegabond bike shoes. I installed the Crank Brothers cleats and am ready to go.

I have never worn clipless pedals. Basically you lock you feet on to the pedal. You need to twist your foot to release. If you do not twist when you stop, you fall over and everyone laughs at you. Kind of like vertigo so I should be just fine!

Some new tubes (and thornless tubes for Clara's bike...damned goat heads), some really nice bike jerseys (a long sleeve, a short sleeve, both in basic blue. And a wild TEXAS one. YEEE-HAAW!). Ready to roll.

Oh, except for the snow. Yup, old man winter pounded us again. The snow has blown and melted off but it was bitter yesterday. I skipped my Albuquerque training run. Instead, I will be joining the Santa Fe Team in Training Cycling team for a 30 mile (gulp!) ride in Santa Fe. I am ready.

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