Sunday, March 4, 2007

Being humbled by the fund raising

Results are starting to come in. I am over the $400 mark, and I did skip work for a week. I know people are waiting for me to return to give me money. The Tri will be fun but I firmly wish to give to this cause. Anemia aside, my health is good. I m blessed in many ways. I need to return.

I am keeping the sheets that people are sending me with their checks. Some are humbling. Some people are writing snippets about the people they have lost to cancer or that are fighting this battle. People I never expected to give have sent in amounts that shocked me.

A few years ago after the devastating Boxer Day Tsunami, a lot of the world criticized the USA for not giving enough. After the waters receded and numbers were tallied, the amounts Americans gave were staggering. No other industrialized country gave as much per capita as the USA. Katrina was next and again pockets were opened up freely. It hate the amount we are criticized. Yes, us Americans can be loud. But we give and give more.

While I am glad that I should easily reach my goal, at the same time it is quite humbling to see the generosity my colleagues have shown.

With Love and Sweat,

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