Monday, March 5, 2007

Great Bike Ride...35 miles

I had a great bike ride on first time to work out since Vertigo kicked my ass. I rode with the Santa Fe Team in Training Bike Team. Most of them are training for America's Most Beautiful Bike ride around Lake Tahoe. This looks likes a great event and I am tempted to sign up for it next year.

But, for this weekend we rode from Santa Fe to the train station in a little town called Lamy. Round trip was 35 miles. The road back was fairly uphill and the workout was great. I felt strong afterwards and am ready to start training for a Century after the Tri the Rim.

I did fall twice because of the new clipless pedals. I came to a stop and unhooked my right pedal. In doing so I shifted my weight to the left. Over I went. WHAM! Nothing I could do. I got back on, took a turn in the gravel and tried to clip back in. WHAM AGAIN! Only 3 feet later. There was a guy on a motorcycle behind me who just chuckled and shook his head. I knew he felt I was a dork and he was right :)

The problem I had with the clips was not was clipping in. I will remove some screws from the bottom of the show and maybe put in some shims. Once I was in the clipless pedals did make a difference. I had more power, especially on the "up stroke."

Nothing hurt but my pride.

Next week we take the same route but add another 10 miles for 45 total. Bring it on!

I had no food before the ride. I did have a cup of tea and a Cliff Energy Gel. That helped. I cannot exercise on much food but I know I need calories to go. Will figure out a balance.

Oh, I also wore my Pratt Straps for my IT Band. It seemed to help (see next post).

Keep on biking!

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