Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Some days just go on forever...Tuesday's Events

Long day...

I did some light weight lifting at lunch:

  • Squats 12/3/135
  • One Arm Rows 12/3/45
  • Shoulder Dumb Bell Presses 12/3/50
  • Front Shoulder Raises 12/2/12
  • Side Shoulder Raises 12/2/10
  • Rear Shoulder Raises 12/2/12
  • Leg Curls 12/3/200
  • Incline Bench Press 12/3/95
  • Leg Extensions 12/3/90
You may have noticed a lot of shoulders here. Preparing for more swimming.

After work, I took the new bike to the shop for a tune up. Free in the first month. I have to go back to Santa Fe to get it back.

From there on to Albuquerque. I warmed up in the pool at 8 and we started at 9 for Tri Team swimming. I was slow but not altogether bad. I am bending me knees (creating drag), not breathing enough for a Tri (I was told that I was breathing for more of a sprint type race. A breath every three strokes alternating between left and right). For the longer 500m Tri with more aerobic activity after the swim, I need to breathe more. It was suggested that breathe on every right-hand stroke. This worked okay but I started to hyperventilate.

Oh, and I drag my left hand through the water on the upstroke creating drag.

What a drag. But practice makes perfect. We pyramid trained (50m rest 100m rest 200m rest 300m rest 200m rest 100m rest 50m). This killed me. By now it was 10pm and I was up since 5:30am and still had a hundred mile drive home.

I know, WHINER!

All in all a good but long day.

Love and sweat,

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