Sunday, March 4, 2007

Time to get back on the bike...

My vertigo is basically passed. I am still a little weak but a good shot of Procrit helped. My nurse practitioner reminded me that the allergy medicine Zyrtec can be used to help treat vertigo.

I have done no workouts since Monday's spinning in the pool escapade. But I did let my mouse work for me.

Triathlons can bring on sudden bought of spend-too-much-money-itus. Guilty. I bought a boatload of stuff from Performance Bike Online, an excellent bike resource. Mainly "clipless pedals and bike shoes. I opted for the Crank Brothers "Candy" cranks. They have high ratings, are preferred by many over the normal SD-style cleats, and are easy to maintain. They were also reasonably priced. The Candys are dual purpose and would work on Mountain or Road bikes. I also got a pair of clickity-click Pearl Izumi Vegabond bike shoes. I installed the Crank Brothers cleats and am ready to go.

I have never worn clipless pedals. Basically you lock you feet on to the pedal. You need to twist your foot to release. If you do not twist when you stop, you fall over and everyone laughs at you. Kind of like vertigo so I should be just fine!

Some new tubes (and thornless tubes for Clara's bike...damned goat heads), some really nice bike jerseys (a long sleeve, a short sleeve, both in basic blue. And a wild TEXAS one. YEEE-HAAW!). Ready to roll.

Oh, except for the snow. Yup, old man winter pounded us again. The snow has blown and melted off but it was bitter yesterday. I skipped my Albuquerque training run. Instead, I will be joining the Santa Fe Team in Training Cycling team for a 30 mile (gulp!) ride in Santa Fe. I am ready.

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