Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Why "Dizzy" and "Bicycle" do not belong together in the same sentence

I have acute anemia. There is suspicion that it is a by product of my Duodenal switch weight loss surgery from 4 years back but no proof. It could also be a kidney issue. In any case, when my hemoglobin drops (and I take plenty of iron and B vitamins) I get cold, lethargic.

And dizzy. Extremely dizzy and feint.

The medical term is vertigo but there are many different kinds. All in all I feel woozy, off balance. I see stationery items move. I hear people speak in slow motion, as if they were under water. Sometimes I am just off balance. Other times, it is as if the room is slowly spinning, like I was on a never ending carousel.

So, yesterday as I was practising my free stroke in the pool and borderline hyperventilating because this whole breathing while having you face i the water thing is not fluid yet I started to feel funny.

Becoming dizzy, feint and disoriented while in the pool is a fun experience. If by fun you mean frightening. I was in shallow water (4' 9") so after panicking for a second I took drastic measures to save my life.

I just stood up.

The instructor looked at me funny. I did swim a few more laps but I finally figured out that enough was enough. I headed home.

I stayed home today. I have not fallen down, yet today (I usually do). But I did almost fall and flail my arms helplessly. My wife thought it was hilarious and proceed to mimic me for the rest of the day. Ah, the bliss of marriage...

I was weak today and dizzy. I felt a bike ride was out. Considering walking from the recliner to the bed took the wind out of my sails.

So, I guess it is more injections of Procrit. The miracle anemia drug. It works for me.

A little rest and I will be just fine. Or I will be the slowest, most off target Triathlete in New Mexico...

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Jane said...

I know this post is quite old and I don't know if you still look at your blog anymore, but I had a question for you, specifically about DS and triathlons. Thanks!

Bobblehead said...

I have been blogging at http://atomiccity.blogspot.com where I go into great detail on my vertigo. Long story short, I ended up in a wheelchair for a while and am still not fully diagnosed. The vertigo is tied to my middle ear and basilary type migraines (rare in men) and my hypoglycemia is probably due to a form of dumping syndrome caused by the DS. Jane, please do write me at dalehugo at gmail dot com.