Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Saturday with the Team

Well, I got up before dawn and was off to Albuquerque to train with the team. It went, well, interesting.
It was only 24 degrees when I left Los Alamos but finally rose to 34 (balmy!) when I got to Albuquerque. I knew I did not have warm enough clothes so I popped into SprawlMart and got some socks and sweats.

We had a tire changing clinic and I learned first hand how to destroy a brand new Presta valve road tire. I also had problems with my rear brakes. So the whole team went on without me. A coach did stay with me and that was nice. We had a pleasant ride next to the Rio Grande river. I was happy. The wind was fierce! At times I expected to be blown over. I was leaning heavily into the wind and was afraid that when it abated, I would pop on over the other end. But I made it.

After we were finished with our ride (about 18 miles), I changed and some of us went for a run. I did walk part of the run but I was glad to be out. I came home and crashed.

I rested on Sunday. On Monday I started to feel a little, well, off. Which will lead to my next post...

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