Thursday, February 8, 2007

Training for Wednesday Feb 7

Long day but a good one.
Ran in the morning with the dogs. This is hard as I know I do not have the right posture and they can pull at me (both from the front and back and sides) throwing me off a bit. Afterwards, my knee was hurting. Went an hour.

At lunch I went out and tried to run but my left knee was hurting. I also felt it in my hamstring. I did walk briskly for 45 minutes. Will lay off running until Sunday. The run scares me.

After work I took Kent's killer abs class at the Los Alamos Fitness Center. Then it was off to the Los Alamos Aquatic Center for adult swimming lessons. I can swim fairly well but I never had guidance. My goal is to get through the water more efficiently.

Long but GREAT day.

Saturday, I train with the TNT TRI team in Albuquerque. At 7am. I have to leave here no later than 5am. Ugh. Oh well, at least my workout will be done early!

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