Friday, February 9, 2007

Leaving in a jet plane...

Well, I slept like crap last night. I was up and out of bed by 5am and did run with the boys.

And yes, I mean run! I went pretty far before I had to slow down...and for my knee, not to catch my breath. This is longer than I have run in a single session since last summer so I am very happy. The boys were pretty good and enjoy the run as well. Midnight gets a little tuckered out after 2 miles but Shadow is a machine. That Husky pup can run & run & run & run!

We are spending the night in ABQ tonight as our flight leaves the Sunport at 6am on Saturday. Ugh! We stay on the plane in Dallas where my parents will be getting on the same plane as us to Tampa. I hope they have free drinks...

The funeral is Sunday afternoon. I am bringing running shorts and a swim suit and my brand spanking new Aqua Seal swimming goggles. I have heard from a bunch of relatives and I will see most of them.

Well, will not get another workout for 2 days. Will try to blog some if there is a computer in the hotel. I am not bringing my laptop.

Later. Keep moving!

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