Sunday, April 1, 2007

Sim of the Tri The Rim

(For you alliteration fans...)

Saturday was a big day for training. We gathered to simulate the entire Tri.

Swim 500 yards
Bike 12 miles
Run 4 miles

I was up at 4am and did not sleep too well the night before. Also, I was (okay, just SAY it), a little constipated, which giving my internal anatomy is not common. So I was not at peak. A Cytomax shake, some oatmeal, a spoon of peanut butter got me going. Some Hammergel (Hmmm...Espresso!) during.

It was DAMNED COLD when I left Los Alamos, 27 degrees. It dropped to 25 in Santa Fe. It was about 42 in Albuquerque when we got started.

I know, whiney whiney whiney. But it adds up to detract performance.

The swim went okay. At one point I had a very hard time getting the breathing synchronized with the strokes (around lap 4 and again at lap 7) but overall, it was okay. A mad dash out through the locker room in shower shoes across the parking lot to the bike and off. I was pleased with the transition, considering the conditions were improvised.

The bike ride went fine. I overshot the turnaround point by about 1/4 mile but no big deal.

Back in for the run. The run was okay and I did fine for 3 1/2 miles. I did have to alternate walking and running for a bit. My innards were pressing down on me.

At 3 1/2 miles WHAM! My right knee shot in pain and it radiated all the way up my right side. IT Band, I am very sure of it. I literally limped in and got chewed out from my coach for not getting new shoes. But overall, with 2 weeks to go, I am happy. A little ice, a little Advil I was fine.

I did get new shoes. Pearl Izumis. The guy in the running store analyzed my gait, said, "Man, you got flat feet!" had me try on a bunch of pairs (including an ASICS which I normally wear but did not like this time, no support for side to side movement of the foot), and I settled on the Pearls. Hope they help.

Love and sweat,

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Tri-Bob said...


Training is going well...take care of those nagging injuries and play it safe in training for yourself. I'm running Boston next weekend...pray for me :)