Monday, April 16, 2007


Although a slow one...but that is perfectly a.o.k!

I went into this with 4 goals:

  1. Finish a Triathlon. Accomplished!
  2. Finish in under 2 hours. Accomplished! (1:58)
  3. Do not come in last. Accomplished!
  4. Raise at least $2K for Leukemia Research. Accomplished! Over $4K raised!
So, I did not exactly burn up the track. I had a bear of a time during the swim and had to walk a few times on the run. But I DID IT!

Thanks to everyone who believed in me and supported me. This has been a rough ride considering the late start, the crappy weather, vertigo, anemia, a trip to Florida for a funeral, hypoglycemia, our pet dog eating our pet bird, flash floods, non-strokes, emergency trip to Texas, and falling trees. Essentially I did NO TRAINING AT ALL for the last 2 1/2 weeks. But, again, I DID IT!

A full race report will follow once I get some time to get on my laptop.

Final results:
Place Time    No.   Last Name      First Name  Age S Div   Rank Swim    Dash    T1      Rank Bike    T2      Rank Run    
===== ======= ===== ============== =========== === = ===== ==== ======= ======= ======= ==== ======= ======= ==== =======
  136 1:58:16    19 Leschnitzer    Dale         43 M        137   17:37    0:39    3:26   96   49:11    2:46  138   44:39 

Love and Sweat!
Dale (the Triathlete!)

Help donate to Dale's Race to Fight Blood Cancers!

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IM Able said...

Congratulations! The first is always the best...but don't you worry, there will be more! Now you're HOOKED!

Job well done.