Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Saturday's Torture! (and Triumph!)

Saturday it was up at 4am and off to Albuquerque for a full Tri simulation with the Team in Training. It was drizzling and yucky all week.

Saturday the sky opened up with moisture. It was DAMNED cold when I left (31 degrees) and it was sleeting and snowing (!) in Santa Fe when I buzzed through at 5:30am.

It was pouring and thundering when I arrived In Albuquerque. We decided to do the bike portion inside on Spin Bikes. I grabbed my gear and headed inside.

Before I left I had a bowl of oatmeal, some peanut butter, and a Cliff bar. I had a gel and had a bottle of Accelerade with me. My sugar was...well, it was too damned cold o get blood so beats me but I felt fine.

Into the pool. 400 yards (8 laps). Decent speed. Then off, going through the locker room, up the stairs (in lousy Corona flip flops...I really need to get some decent swim and shower shoes!), into a jersey and socks and shoes, actually donned my helmet, and on to the spinner for 40 minutes. I took a moment to put on my Pratt Straps to help support my IT Bands. I did not need any more knee pain. Glad I did as you will see.

I cranked the resistance up and down and pushed pretty hard. Up hills and sprinted on the flat ways. Good sim.

By then it was no longer pouring and we decided to run outdoors. At the end of 40 minutes "biking" it was off and onto the next transition. Off came the helmet and the bike shoes. On came the running shoes and the glasses and hat. And I was off running.

Now, I HATE running. The most I have ever, ever run was 5K (3.1 miles). One of the coaches offered to run with me. The Tri the Rim Triathlon has 4 miles of running. She had a course set out where on could choose 2, 3, or 4 miles.

I chose 4.

I warned her that I would probably have to stop and rest a bit. Also, I was fearing knee pain.

One mile and was slow but feeling fine.

1.5 miles. The turn around point for the 3 mile run. She asked if I wanted to keep going. Yup, what the hell.

2 Miles. 3. At about 3 miles my right knee twinged a bit and I walked for about 40 yards (she said I walked pretty fast...I did not want my heart rate to drop). I started up again.

3.5 miles. The finish line in sight. 4 miles running. Actually, 4.3.

I ran 4 miles and only had to slow down once, and not because I needed to breathe or rest. I had never, ever done this before.

Afterwards, my knees felt like hell. But a good stretch and I was doing just fine. About 80-90% of what I will see in competition at the actual Tri.

Wow. I was on cloud nine. Maybe I can actually do this?...

Love and Sweat,

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