Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Five Hundred Fifteen Fifteen

25 yards per length.
50 yards per lap.
10 laps.
500 yards.
Fifteen Minutes and fifteen seconds.

One hyperventilated yet very happy former fat dude!

Lap Elapsed Time Comments
1 1:09
2 2:30 Breathing every stroke
3 3:57 Slow start, stopped in middle
4 5:28 Slow start, stopped in middle
5 7:04 slowing down
6 8:45 paused
7 10:24
8 12:04
9 13:38
10 15:15

Many thanks to Linda for keeping track for me. The hardest problem was keeping from hyperventilating. Tried every right stroke and also every third stroke to breathe. Ever since my surgery, really rigorous breathing is difficult. Trying to play the sax again was disastrous...

I know that 15 minutes may seem slow but I am absolutely thrilled. Who would have ever thought I would swim 500 yards at one time and not be exhausted?


Love and chlorine,

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