Wednesday, March 21, 2007

But will I win?

Shortly after I told my mom that I was nuts enough to do this triathlon she asked me a simple question:

Do you think you will win?

I chuckled at that and said, no I will not win. I "just" want to finish.

That was several weeks ago and the conversation still rings in my ears.

Just. Just finish. Just. just....just...

"Just" is a strange word. I try to avoid it and also notice when others use it. It seems to diminish some pretty big things.

No, I will not "win" the race by coming in first.

I "just" will:

  • Swim 500m and then
  • Bike 13 miles and then
  • Run (and probably walk some) 4 miles
  • After weighing over 400 pounds
  • And never being athletic in my life
  • And never been athletically competent before
  • And being a couch potato for most of my 43 years
  • And fitting in training between work and life
  • And being able to only eat partial meals due to an altered anatomy
  • And being anemic
  • And being hypoglycemic
My goal is to cross the finish line and (hopefully) not be last. Can I do that?

Hell, yes! I guess that "just" might make me a winner after all.

The point is if I never tried, if I never got out there, if I never signed up, if I never trained, I would not just lose...I would fail. And I do not take failure well at all...

So for the Tri-wannabees, runners, swimmers, bikers, hikers, hell!, water polo players, whatevers like me, Carol, TriBob, anyone else in Team in Training, go out, give it your all, and just be winners.

Love and Sweat,

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