Sunday, March 18, 2007

Biking, More Biking, Running, Knee Hurt, Greasing my Butt...

I brought my bike in to a local guy, The "Bike Doc." Actually, I brought in Clara's Schwinn. He talked me into tuning up my road bike and enhancing it a bit. He also fitted it to me, something I desperately needed. He was a little pricier than I wanted but the quality of work was worth it.

I rode for a short ride on Friday, just under 12 miles through Pajarito Acres here in White Rock, NM. After having my saddle raised and moved back and my handle bars tilted a bit (and padded) I had to admit that I was a lot more comfortable. Less cramped. So far so good.

Saturday it was up at 4:30 to get to ABQ on time to train with the Team in Training Triathlon Team. I ate some cinnamon raisin bread with peanut butter (carbs and protein), had a juice box, a cliff bar. So my sugar was fine when I got there. We road for 20 miles out from ABQ to Corrales and back. Very pretty ride. Then we ran. I ran 3 miles. This was my first official "brick." I stayed hydrated and put down an energy gel. My right damned knee started to hurt near the end. I did not wear my Pratt Strap. Should have. Sigh....

All in all I did fine and was very happy. A little tired. About 40 minutes after the run my sugar was still 86 so that is good.

I found a wonderful sporting goods store (Sports Outdoors) in ABQ. I have driven past it a million times but never stopped in. They have a complete bike shop which was beautiful. Bought some basic cleaning and lubing supplies and some Chamois Butter....basically a mineral oil based lube that one spreads inside your bike shorts and on your butt (as my daughter would say, EWWWWW! Gross!) to help prevent road rash. So far this has not been a problem but SPRING IS HERE! and it is getting warmer.

Resting today (Sunday). Walked the big boys (dumb Lab and Husky) and might go for an easy ride this afternoon. Or take a nap. Or both...

Love and Sweat,

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