Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Optimal Heart Rate

Valentine's Day, 2007

Well, I got my Polar Heart Rate Monitor back from getting the battery replaced. Came back in record time. Today's workout had it set my optimal HR to absurdly low levels: Between 107-137 BPM. I was cruising at 145 BPM without a lot of exertion.

So, I calculated it by hand the old fashioned way. The "standard" method is to subtract your age from 220. This is your maximum suggested heart rate (I suppose one bpm above and your heart assplodes!). Then set a range, in my case 70-85% of the rate.

70% of 177=124 (rounded)
85% of 177=150

These numbers jived more with my afternoon workout. Which was a "Brick" or bike and run. I had to do it inside because of the snow. I biked for 30 minutes and ran for 15. The beginning of the run was difficult, especially on the treadmill. But after that, I ran just fine. It was a good workout.

After this, I go to the gym (Los Alamos Fitness Center) for my ABS class and then after that to the library to stuff letters. Then on to the Big Blue Whale for swimming lessons. Hopefully the snow will relax off some and it will be an easy trip home. I anticipate a good night's sleep tonight!

Love and sweat,

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